bird droppings on roof, damage repaired by Element Roofing in Pleasanton, CA.

Does Bird Poop Damage My Roof?

Does Bird Poop Damage My Roof?

Do you have a problem with birds on your roof? If you do, then you know how unsightly it is to have bird droppings lining your rooftop. Not only is it ugly to look at, but bird poop causes other problems for your roof. Often times, we have customers ask us if bird poop damages their roof – and the answer is a definitive yes, it does (hey, we’re backed by science here). We’ll discuss below the damages caused by bird poop, as well as how to go about removing it and preventing long-term damages.

Damage Caused by Bird Poop

So what are the damages caused by bird poop? For one, you have to think about what it is that birds eat: nuts, berries, fruits, and other acidic items. On top of that, birds don’t have a bladder, meaning that they store liquid and solid wastes together (hence the watery bird doo that you see on your roof, sidewalks, car, etc.). We also know that bird poop has the ability to eat through paint, unfortunately. This is due to the makeup of uric acid in bird droppings, which gives bird poo a pH level between 3 and 4.5.

Okay, so what does this all mean for your roof?

While the bird poop doesn’t do immediate damage (it’s not like the impact is leaving a crater or anything), if left to sit on your roof for a longer period of time, you’ll start to see worn out shingles, missing granules, and weak spots. This is because the acidic bird poop damages your roof and eats away at the shingles. If your poo problem is really bad, this could even lead to roof leaks and holes in the shingles.

How to Remove Bird Poop from Your Roof

An old roof with bird poop needing roof replacement in Pleasanton, by Element Roofing.There are some strategies you can implement in order to remove the bird poop from your roof after it has already landed there – and to prevent the birds from landing there altogether.

  • Use a garden hose – you can try removing the bird droppings with just a regular garden hose. Make sure that you’re not using high pressure, since this could add more damages to your roof by blasting away or loosening the shingles.
  • Try a bird poop cleaner .  This can get expensive, so we really recommend this to individuals who have a more serious bird poop problem.
  • Trim any overhanging trees – it could be that the birds are landing in your trees and then roosting there, causing the bird poop to fall onto your rooftop below. Trim back your trees so bird poop won’t have a chance of landing on our roof.
  • Get rid of nests – physically remove any visible nests in your gutters or on the roof itself. This will discourage birds from returning.
  • Set up a bird deterrent – there are various methods of deterring birds. Some people use plastic owls or other predators on their rooftop, others use foil streamers, and the more serious actually play bird distress call sounds over speakers to deter birds.
  • Call a professional – call someone in your local vicinity who knows what they’re doing an can professionally remove the bird poop from your roof.

If you have a damaged roof and need roof repair or replacement then give Element Roofing a call.  We are the trusted providers of roofing in Livermore, roofing in Hayward and the rest of the Tri-Valley area.