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Your roof protects your home and family from the elements. Or, if you’re a business, it protects your staff and your assets. Plus, it significantly contributes to your curb appeal and, if you have a skylight, how the inside of your property looks too. When something is wrong with your roof, it can undermine your safety in your home or building, cause more damages, or just make your space look less appealing from the outside. If you need roofing in San Leandro, Element Roofing can help.

We’re a reliable, affordable roofing company that can properly install some of the best roofing products on your home or business’ roof.

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Signs that You Need Roof Repair or Replacement

Everyone knows to call a roofer when they get an obvious leak in their ceiling. But, by noticing your roof condition and acting quickly to get repairs, you may be able to avoid major leaks like these. What are the other signs that you should call a roofer? For residential homes the signs include:

  • Missing shingles: Missing shingles are a sure sign that the wind has effected your roof, or that the shingles are so old their adhesive is failing.
  • Curled shingles: Curled shingles are typically the result of aging, the roof is likely to leak if the curled shingles are left in place.
  • Granules in gutters: You may notice granules in the gutters the first few rains after a new installation. After that, granules are a warning sign that the shingles are wearing out.
  • Sunken spots or bulges: The roof should look straight. If it bulges or sinks, then there are likely moisture issues in the roof, affecting the wooden roof deck that supports the shingles.
  • Algae or moss: Any green growth on your roof should be investigated by your roofer. Algae is mostly cosmetic, but moss can be destructive.
  • Age: If your roof is older than 20 years, it needs an inspection and likely a replacement.

For commercial properties with flat roofs, the warning signs that you need a roofer look a little different. Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Ponding or wetness: Are there puddles of water on your roof 24 hours or more after it has rained? This is ponding and indicates that your roof isn’t draining properly.
  • Drainage issues: Does water collect around your drains and only trickle down slowly, or not at all? Then you may have a clog that needs to be resolved.
  • Flashing issues: Bent and loose flashing are both problems that can allow water to leak into your roof.
  • Loose panels: If you have a metal roof, loose panels can create leaks. They should be tightened or replaced.
  • Bubbles or blisters: If you have a flat roof with membranes, bubbles and blisters are a bad sign and they need to be fixed immediately.
  • Gaps:  Any gaps in panels or in membranes can allow moisture into the roof.

Residential Roof Installation & Repair

We offer residential roof installation in San Leandro. Trust us for honest quotes, affordable pricing, and high-quality materials installed correctly. We also repair roofs that have developed leak, suffered in storms or developed other issues.

Commercial Roof Repair & Installation

We know that responding quickly to your concerns about your flat roof is essential to protect your property and your business. We offer fast and thorough repair and installation for commercial roofing.

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Cold Roofing: Our Specialty

What is cold roofing? Cold roofing materials repel more of the ultraviolet rays that the sun radiates down. These rays add warmth to your building, making it more expensive to cool. They also slowly degrade shingles and other roofing materials over time. Cold roofing that better reflect ultraviolet rays keeps your property cooler in the summer, which can save you a significant amount in utilities.

Skylight Installation

We also offer skylight installation. Skylights and roofs need to be integrated properly to prevent leaks. Some skylight companies offer improper installation simply because they do not understand the way a roofing system is supposed to shed water, which can lead to persistent and frustrating leaks for you. Instead, we offer skylight installation that is proper and informed with knowledge about roofing systems so that we can truly prevent leaks.

Real Estate Roofing Inspections

Are you trying to make your roof fit before your home can be sold? We can show you what needs to do it give buyers the roof quality and confidence that they need to purchase your home, whether it’s repairs to key areas of the roof or a complete re-roof.

Or, we can do an inspection of a roof that you are interested in purchasing so that you know exactly what quality it is and what you’ll be in for if you purchase the home. As few people want to replace a roof right after they purchase the home, this is very valuable.

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Other Cities We Service

Why Choose Us For Roofing in San Leandro?

There are plenty of roofers in San Leandro, so why choose us? We offer several advantages to our customers:

  • 15-year workmanship warranty: We stand behind the quality work that we do by offering a very long warranty on our roofs.
  • Affordability: Roofing is a necessity, and it has to be priced fairly for that reason. We offer affordable rates for residential and commercial roofing.
  • Honesty: That affordable rate you find on our quote is the real price you’ll be charged.
  • Superior products: We can get you access to the top brands of shingles, membranes and to metal roofing as well. We install all of these materials with the latest, manufacturer-approved techniques so that you get a quality roofing system that will last.
  • Friendly: We’re professionals who offer friendly and polite service. Every member of our team is well-trained to meet your expectations and put you at ease.

Do you have any questions about your roofing? Or, maybe you’re ready to get a quote? Then reach out to us today.