Professional Commercial Roofing in Concord For Your Business

One of the worst stressors you can have with a commercial property is when the roof starts to show signs of wear or begins to fail. A leaky or damaged roof can cause damage to your goods inside the building and shut down operation for an unknown amount of time. Fortunately Element Roofing excels at commercial roofing in Concord, CA for both repair and installation services.

We have years of experience with local roofing issues and we are the go to choice for the majority of Concord commercial properties. Below you will find more information on our experience, what we offer, and what makes us different from the other commercial roofers in Concord.

Whether you in immediate need of a repair or new roof, need an inspection or just information on what a roof upgrade entails we are here for you. Find out more info below or give us a call to speak with us directly for all your concerns and needs.

Why Choose Us For Commercial Roofing In Concord, CA

We are locally owned and operated.  This makes us uniquely set up to fully understand, anticipate, and provide the type of service that is needed in both Concord and the Bay Area.  We know what kinds of stressors your roof might endure due to the local environment. This makes us able to keep your roof lasting longer by helping you choose the right roof type to fit your location and building. As well as, offer the right type of maintenance to reduce the amount of wear and tear your roof will go through over the years.

We also know that you as a commercial business owner do not want to spend your time dealing with or worrying about your roof.  You need to focus on your business and keep your building in working order for all of your employees, customers, and visitors. That is why we provide the most comprehensive commercial roofing in Concord, CA service.

We strive to get your roof repaired or installed safely, correctly, and with as little to no downtime to your location as possible.  We put your business first and will help you choose not only the right type of roof, but install it with as little disruption to your location as possible.

Types Of Roofs We Offer


Flat or low slope roofs have a monolithic surface that can support standing water better than a sloped roof. They are popular with commercial locations and require little maintenance. We can discuss the pros and cons with you to see if this roof type is right for your business.


Metal roofs including steel are excellent for those looking for longevity and low maintenance. They are extremely durable and can protect your commercial property against rain, snow, mildew and mold. With several types of metal roof designs available, there is sure to be an option for you.

Energy Effecient Roofs

We utilize the best advancements in roofing technology to provide and install roofs that last long and reduce the strain on the local environment. We offer title 24 roofing, solar, and more options to reduce how much energy your building will need to use to continue to operate.


For a relatively inexpensive option, an asphalt roof could be an excellent choice. They are easy to install which means a quicker turnaround time and they have a long lifespan. Plus, there are lots of color choices to match the aesthetics of your building.


With a lot of buzz around solar roofing, you probably have a lot of questions. Our teams are here to help you determine if a solar roof is the right choice for you. What tax benefits are being offered, if any, and how long a commercial solar roof will take to pay for itself.


EPDM rubber roofs are a great option for commercial buildings as they are economical, long lasting, and are easy to maintain. TPO rubber roofs are also affordable and they reflect a lot of sunlight which can lower power use and help regulate temperature inside the building.

And More

Extend The Life Of Your Roof With Commercial Roof Maintenance

Once your new commercial roof is properly installed many will not give it another until years later when it starts to degrade and shows signs of wear. Our commercial roofers in Concord, CA offer comprehensive maintenance packages that will ensure you get maximum value and life out of your roofs.

Our expert inspections will monitor your roof a few times a year to watch for abnormal wear and other issues. We will also provide ongoing maintenance which will take care of most little problems before they turn into major issues that can be costly or lower the lifespan of your investment. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance programs.

Commercial Roof Repair And Inspections in Concord, CA

We also offer commercial roof inspections so if your roof is getting up there in age, we can inspect and determine how much longer it has until you will start to see issues. We can also help provide options to upgrade to a better performing roof and save energy and monthly costs that your roof creates.

Many times a roof can be repaired and still do its job like normal. We offer 24-hour emergency service so if a storm causes damage or a leak at night, we can have you patched up and operational as soon as possible. Whatever the repair needs are, we are fully stocked and prepared for any roof type.

Get A Quote And Learn More About What We Offer

If you are in need of a new roof, or if your building is showing signs of wear contact us to get a free quote or to set up an inspection. We are also here for you with emergency repair if you are currently experiencing leaks or any other specific damage. You can fill out our contact form here or give us a call at (925) 628-2749.

Our team is ready and waiting to show you how great our commercial roofing in Concord, CA service is. We strive to put our customers first and get your property back in top shape with little to no downtime to your business. We are excited for the opportunity to serve you. Contact us now. We also offer residential roofing in Concord, CA services as well.

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