Real Estate Roof Inspections

If you’re helping to buy or sell a home, you know that it’s not always a speedy process. There are inspections, estimates, papers to sign, more inspections, more papers to sign…the list goes on. What Element Roofing is here for is to help you with part of that process. We offer reliable real estate roof inspections and repair estimates so you can determine the current state of a home’s roof – and what needs to be done in order to make it fit for the buying and selling market.

Real Estate roof inspection performed by Element Roofing at for sale home.

Roof Inspections

Element Roofing offers detailed, professional roofing inspections for your real estate ventures. Our fully licensed and insured roofing technicians will perform a full inspection and assess damages, weak spots, areas of wear and tear, check for termites, and more. Our roof reports let you know just what you and your clients are in for. Is there rot? Are there leaks that need to be repaired? When was the last roof installed, and how many years of life are left on it? All of these are factors that will inform you and your client on the value of the home and whether or not to renegotiate on closing costs or other estimates.

We’ll check for the following:

  • Termite damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Roof leaks
  • Sagging spots
  • Damaged caulking
  • Curled, blistering, or damaged shingles

Roof Repair Estimates

Once we have established the state of a home’s roof and delivered the report to you, we can then go about creating a roof repair estimate for the particular damages. Our repair estimates will give detail on the cost and time estimated to complete each individual repair. Whether you need to have sections of the roof repaired or replaced, or you need to have the entire roof removed and replaced, we’ll provide a detailed, accurate, and honest report to show to your clients who are buying or selling a home. We don’t want there to be any surprises when your clients move into their new house, and we make sure to provide only honest advice and information on our reports.

Why Choose Element Roofing?

Element Roofing is in the business of offering professional and trustworthy real estate roof estimates and inspection reports. We understand that, in order to buy or sell a home, it’s critical to obtain reliable and accurate information regarding the status of a property’s roof. Trust no one else but the best with your real estate roofing needs. Call Element Roofing for real estate roof inspections today.

  • Reliable roofing estimates
  • Honest prices
  • Accurate and detailed reports
  • Efficient and timely turnaround
  • Responsive roofing technicians

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