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Roofs are the essential part of any building that keeps everything else beneath them dry and safe. Your choice of roofer determines the quality of your roof installation or how effective your roof repairs will be. So, work with the phenomenal team at Element Roofing. If you need a roofing company in San Jose, you should trust us to offer fast, professional services that make it simple for you to understand what your roof needs and get it done.

We can help you navigate the insurance process, clarify any questions you have about our honest quotes, and give you truly expert advice so that you know you are making the best decision for your roof.

We serve commercial and residential clients as a leading roofer in San Jose. Learn more about our services below.

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What Causes Roof Leaks in San Jose?

Many who own a home or who manage a commercial building have dealt with the frustrating problem of a roof leak that continues to cause problems. If it seems like the cause of a roof leak has eluded you and maybe even your roofer, the team at Element Roofing can get to the bottom of it and provide a long term solution that can resolve the roof leak. For residential homes, some of the causes of roof leaks include:

  • Improper installation or roof system design. 
  • Manufacturing defects with shingles or other roof components. 
  • Issues around roof projections such as skylights, plumbing vents, chimneys, etc. 
  • Damage from weather or storms, including hail, wind, wildfires, etc. 
  • Damage from fallen trees, people walking on the roof, pest infestations, etc. 
  • Aging shingles or other roof components. 
  • Ice dams, improper ventilation, improper insulation, etc. 
  • Clogged gutters, improperly hung gutters, and other gutter issues. 

For commercial properties some of the causes of roof leaks include: 

  • Improper type of roof for application, improper design or installation. 
  • Manufacturing defects for roof components. 
  • Issues around roof projections including skylights, plumbing vents, etc. 
  • Issues with rooftop HVAC units, lighting protection systems, etc. 
  • Damage from weather, storms, hail, wind, fire, etc. 
  • Improper drainage off the rooftop, ponding and other water-related issues. 
  • Normal aging of roof components. 

Of course, knowing the general causes of roof leaks is not nearly as important and determining exactly what has gone wrong with your specific roof. Reach out to Element Roofing to talk to professionals who care about resolving your roof leak properly the first time.

Roof Types                                         

  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Flat
  • Slope
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete Tile
  • Clay Tile
  • Green
  • Rubber
  • Slate
  • Commercial Roofing

Shingles We Offer

  • Malarkey
  • GAF
  • Certainteed
  • Windsor 
  • Owens Corning
  • Legacy
  • Vista
  • Presidential
  • Woodcrest
  • Duration
  • And Many More

We are the go-to choice for a roofer in San Jose and have the quality roofing materials to fit your desired style or design. If you do not see a roof type or shingle listed that you are interested in then just give us a call at (925) 628-2749 as we have much more available.

Our San Jose Residential Roofing Services 

Element Roofing provides all of the services that you need for your home’s roof, from a real estate roof inspection when you purchase the roof to professional, high-quality maintenance, repairs and installation. For many homeowners, purchasing a new roof is one of the most important and expensive choices they will make for their home. It’s worthwhile to work with roofers you can trust to ensure you’re making the best decisions to replace your roof and to keep it in good condition for years to come. 

One of the most major decisions you’ll have to make is which kind of roofing system to install. We can help you compare the performance, warranties, and looks of any system that you’re curious about. But, first, you should understand the major roof types available to you as a homeowner:

  • Asphalt shingles: By far the most popular option for roofing on homes, asphalt shingles provide great value, with great performance, low cost, and many aesthetic options. Some shingles can mimic the look of other roof material options. Most will need to be replaced within 15-20 years. 
  • Metal roofing: Metal roofing systems boast much longer lifespans than asphalt shingles. They will also cost more upfront. However, they look great and if you maintain them and they achieve a long service life they can turn out to be the most cost-effective. 
  • Slate: Slate roofing tiles are among the most elegant options. You might choose them for a historic home or to add significant class to your property. Slate does require maintenance and careful installation, but the tiles are tough. 
  • Wood shakes: Real wood shakes can achieve relatively good performance, but their real benefit is their look. Dimensional, beautiful, and available in a wide range of colors, this is a great roofing material for homes of distinction. 
  • Clay tile: Clay tile is another historical roofing material that some modern roofers can do great work with. Their performance is middling, and they do need regular maintenance.

Trust The Profession Commercial Roofing in San Jose Experts

Element Roofing also offers commercial roofing services for property owners, managers and other stakeholders. We have advanced roofing skills and can perform complete leak inspections, advise you on the details of any roofing system you’re interested in, and help you make the best roofing decisions for the health of your building and to maximize your investment.

Everyone on our team is highly trained and cares about safety and quality while we’re performing repairs or new installations. We work well with other contractors, stick to our timelines, and offer fair estimates.

Reach out to us to discuss your San Jose commercial roofing needs.

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Other Cities We Service

We Also Offer 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair in San Jose

Major roof leaks or even minor leaks in certain circumstances can become emergencies. If you have a major leak that is causing significant property damage, or a minor leak while a storm is on its way, reach out to Element Roofing for a fast and professional response. We can make temporary measures to prevent further damage before performing the more in-depth work your roof needs.

Full Service Real Estate Roof Inspections You Can Trust 

Real estate agents and buyers across San Jose trust us to provide the roof inspection they need to purchase a property with peace of mind. Ask about our real estate inspections. 

Reach out to the team at Element Roofing with any help on any roof. We serve commercial and residential clients with all of the roof inspection, repair and installation services they need.