Choose Element Roofing For All Your Roofer in Brentwood, CA Needs

If you are in need of reliable and affordable roofing services that you can trust to provide you with a long-lasting roof then look no further than Element Roofing. Our roofer in Brentwood, CA team is here to help match you with a new roof that not only outlasts the competition but also will reduce your energy bills. Saving you money over the life of your investment. 

We have decades of experience in Brentwood and the entire Bay Area. We know what kinds of stress your roof is going to experience with our local environment and weather. We utilize this knowledge to help provide you with a custom roofing solution that will look great and last longer than the standard.

We also offer a wide variety of roof and shingle types to match any style or design as well as function. All of our roofs are title 24 compliant including cool roof technology. 

These help you save energy and money by reducing the total amount of energy it takes to keep your home warm or cool. To learn more about these options just give our roofer in Brentwood team a call at (925) 628-2749.

roofer in brentwood, ca installing new shingles
brentwood roofing team installing a new roof

Upgrade To The Most Advanced Roof Possible

At Element Roofing we strive to stay on top of advancements in roofing technology. This allows us to continuously offer industry-leading roof installation in Brentwood. We know that your roof is the most important investment you will make in your home. It’s also one of the largest, so we want to make sure we offer affordable solutions. 

While also installing new roofs that are built to endure and last. This will ensure you can maximize the life of your investment while keeping you and your belongings safe and dry.

We do this by not just specializing in a couple of different areas but by investing the time to train our team to specialize in all different types of roofs that are currently available in California. This allows us to have the largest design catalog in the area. 

While making sure you are comfortable that no matter what your choice of style or material it will be installed correctly and accurately. When you choose Element Roofing as your roofer in Brentwood you’ll have access to the roof types and shingles below and more.

Roof Types                                         

  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Flat
  • Slope
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete Tile
  • Clay Tile
  • Green
  • Rubber
  • Slate
  • Commercial Roofing

Shingles We Offer

  • Malarkey
  • GAF
  • Certainteed
  • Windsor 
  • Owens Corning
  • Legacy
  • Vista
  • Presidential
  • Woodcrest
  • Duration
  • And Many More

As you can see from the list above we are the go-to choice for a roofer in Brentwood to have the materials to fit any style or design that you would want for your home. If you do not see a roof type or shingle listed that you are interested in then just give us a call at (925) 628-2749 as we have much more available.

Have A Leak? Get Emergency Roof Repair In Brentwood

We do more than just roof installations as well. If you are in need of a roof repair then give us a call for fast, fair, and easy service. We do offer 24-hour emergency roof repair service so you can count on us when that storm hits and you have water coming in through the ceiling. Let us get that patched up before it causes severe damage to your home and wallet.

Beyond leaks, we also repair any other type of roof damage you may experience. As well as offer routine maintenance packages that offer annual inspections to check your roof for signs of damage and wear. This allows us to make repairs while they are still small before they get out of hand and compromise your entire roof. 

It’s just another one of the ways we are dedicated to making sure you can get the most out of your roof. Whether it’s a new one we’ve just installed or if you want to extend the life of your existing roof, Element Roofing is here for you.

We Are True Real Estate Roofing Inspection Experts

Another service we provide is accurate and on time roof inspections for real estate transactions. Whether you are buying or selling yourself or using a realtor we’ve partnered with the best in Brentwood to provide superior real estate roof inspections. We know real estate transactions can become a time-consuming process so let us handle the roof and make that part of the process a breeze.

When you contact us for this service we will set you up with an accurate inspection that will best fit your schedule. If you are a real estate agent then we’ll work with you to put a custom plan in place to handle all of your properties for you and at a fair and reasonable price.

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Other Cities We Service

Get An Accurate Roofer In Brentwood Estimate Today For Repair or Installation

Whether you need repairs or a new roof on your own home or are looking for a reliable and fair source for real estate roof inspections, Element Roofing is the right choice for you. 

Our roofer in Brentwood team is fully dedicated to making sure you have a pleasant, easy, and informative experience when it comes to getting or learning about your roofing options.

Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

When it comes to finding a roofer in Brentwood there are many choices out there. However, few can match the service, commitment, and quality that Element Roofing provides. We don’t just want you to take our word for it, take a look below at what just a couple of our customers have to say. 

These are actual reviews from Yelp and Google which you can go and verify yourself. That is how confident we in that when you give us a chance to service your roof, we’ll earn your trust to become your go-to choice for any future roofing needs.

  • They did everything they said they would do, plus more. Their guys were amazing!! They went way beyond what they had to do to make our job complete. I can’t say enough about these guys. – MJ B, Yelp
  • Chad clearly had the best understanding of what was required and the most complete and competitive quote.  His crew tackled the challenges and did a great job. – Don C, Yelp
  • We have many high-end clients buying luxury homes, we have hired their services for inspections, repairs and new full roofs all are done with top-notch expertise. – Armario Venema Homes, Google Review