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Is Fall Really the Best Time of Year to Reroof?

Is Fall Really the Best Time of Year to Reroof?

Throughout the year, we get dozens of people asking us when is the best time to have their roof redone. And, although we are busy year-round (and we aren’t complaining), we have to say that we always tell them to wait for fall if possible. Why? There are a handful of good, solid reasons why fall offers ideal roofing conditions. Next time you find yourself wondering, “is fall really the best time of year to reroof?” just remember the below five reasons why roofers love fall.

1.    Gets you ready for cold and rainy weather

Fall is nice, but remember it is the prelude to winter and then spring – both of which mean lots of cold nights and rainy days. By choosing to reroof in the fall, you’re prepping yourself for the cold, dreary months ahead. A new roof not only keeps the rain out of your home, but it also will better insulate your home against the cold, helping to cut down on your electricity bills.

2.    Fall is the Goldilocks range for shingles

Shingles tend to do best in a temperature range between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. What happens is that if the shingles are too hot, they are overly pliable and flexible, making them difficult to work with. If the shingles are too cold, they are more brittle and more likely to crack. Cold weather also requires us to use more glue to make sure the shingles seal properly. Fall offers the ideal temperature range for roofers.

3.    Installation is quicker and easier in fall

Because the weather conditions are optimal, we have to take fewer extra precautions when installing your new roof. If we reroof in spring, we have to work around the rain. If we reroof in the summer, we have to work around the 100 degree temperatures. Fall doesn’t post as many of these problems.

4.    Gives your roof time to seal before winter

After installation, it still takes time for your new roof shingles to seal. Since fall offers more mild weather, it means your shingles will have plenty of time to seal before the hard winter comes along.

5.    Prevent any small leaks from getting biggerNew residential roof installed by Element Roofing in Pleasanton, CA.

If you are already suffering from small roof leaks (maybe you noticed them last spring), you definitely want to get a new roof installed before spring hits again. By roofing in fall, you give yourself plenty of time to have the roof sealed and ready for the next rain.

So is fall really the best time of year to reroof? You betcha. If you’re ready for a new roof for your home or business, call Element Roofing today and get a head start. We offer full roofing services in the Bay Area including roofing in Concord, roofing in Fremont, and roofing in Castro Valley.