A residential home in Pleasanton receiving a cool roof installation by Element Roofing.

Install a Cool Roof for My Home

Install a Cool Roof for My Home

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of every homeowners’ mind, especially as we enter into the hottest days of the summer. One question we have seen pop up from our customers is how they can outfit their roof to reduce their energy bills and be more energy efficient. Recently a customer asked if they could install a cool roof for their home, and what the exact differences were between a traditional roof and a cool roof. Below, we’ll discuss what a cool roof is, the benefits of a cool roof, and how you can get one for your home.

What Is a Cool Roof?

In short, a cool roof is one that is designed to reflect rather than absorb heat. While a standard shingle or tile roof can reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees on a hot day, a cool roof stays at least 50 degrees cooler.

Cool roofs come in a variety of forms. Your cool roof could consist of a highly reflective paint, a rolled out sheet covering, or regular tiles or shingles that have been made highly reflective…

Benefits of a Cool Roof

Why is a cool roof beneficial? The hotter your roof, the more heat that is then transferred down into your home and also back out into the environment. A cool roof not only helps keep your home’s inside temperature cooler, but it also helps combat things like global warming and carbon dioxide emissions.


Because as we learn new ways to keep our homes and workplaces naturally cool, the less we have to rely on HVAC equipment that also lets off carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and more into the atmosphere. Pretty neat, huh?

  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Less stress placed on air conditioner
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Benefit the environment
  • Qualify for utility rebates (depends on location)
  • Improve the comfort level inside the home
  • Prolong the lifespan of your roof

How Can I Get One?

Can I install a cool roof for my home? Now that we’ve established that the answer is yes, you can, well discuss HOW you can get a cool roof for your home. Sometimes it’s as simple as choosing a lighter roof color, especially if you already use concrete tiles. Choosing a light colored roof over a dark colored roof means that the tiles will absorb less heat overall.

Cool Roofing installation in Pleasanton, CA by Element Roofing.

  • Replace the roof entirely and opt for a cool roofing material
  • Re-cover your existing roof with a cool roofing surface
  • Retrofit your current roof to make it more reflective

Modified bitumen roofs can be pre-coated with a cool roof coating before installation. Spray polyurethane roofs are naturally cool since they are covered with a protective coating by default. Single-ply membranes can be coated with a reflective surface to allow them to absorb less heat, too. Instead of traditional shingles, you can request cool asphalt shingles, or else ask that the shingles be coated with a reflective material before installation. Discuss your options with your local roofer today and make sure to express your interest in a cool roof for your home.