Roofing Contractor replaces a roof in pleasanton, CA

What to Look for in a Roofing Contractor

What to Look for in a Roofing Contractor
A roof is replaced by a roofing contractor in Pleasanton, CA

Investing in a brand new roof is no small expense. When shopping for a roofing contractor in your area, it’s important to screen each company, ask for price quotes, read reviews, and ultimately make the decision that is right for your budget and your home. Read our guide below on what to look for in a roofing contractor to help get you started on the right path toward purchasing your brand new roof.

  1. Choose a Roofer that is Licensed and Insured

First and foremost, never do business with a roofer who is not a licensed, insured,
and a verified business. This ensures that you are covered if anything goes wrong. If your roof is improperly installed, or one of their roofers is hurt on the job, or anything else happens, you know that you’ll be able to take legal action to get your money back or your roof fixed.


2. Ask to See References or Testimonials

This one is important. In the age of the internet, you don’t really need to ask for pen and paper contacts and references – instead, you can check your roofing contractor on Facebook, Yelp, or their company website. Look for reviews of past customers and make note of any issues or complaints. You can even click through to a reviewer’s profile to make sure their account is legitimate and their opinion is valid. Essentially, do some research. Look for pictures of completed roofs from other customers so you can judge the craftsmanship.


3. Ask About their Workmanship Guarantee

A good roofing contractor will offer a warranty on materials or a workmanship guarantee that the roof will last for a certain number of years under natural wear and tear circumstances. If your roofing contractor is unwilling to give a written guarantee, be cautious. A professional roofer will be willing to provide written paperwork to back up any claims they make verbally.


4. Verify They Follow Proper Protocol

Your roofing contractor should follow proper procedures when you sign on to get a new roof. This involves lots of paperwork, document signing, initial inspection and written estimate, and more. If your roofer tries to avoid paperwork or tells you that they can cut corners and bend the rules to save you money, remember that you get what you pay for. A poorly installed roof can end up costing you big bucks in a few years.


5. Get a Detailed Written Estimate

Your roofing contractor should provide you with a written estimate detailing the cost of your new roof, estimated completion time, what is (and isn’t) included in the price. Many roofing companies offer free inspections and estimates, so it doesn’t hurt to get multiple contractors to look at your roof. In fact, we encourage it.

We hope you learned a little bit how to choose the best roofing contractor.  Element Roofing has been the Bay Area’s leading roofer for year.  We offer roofing in Fremont, roofing in Castro Valley and the rest of the Bay Area.