roof color being painted by Element Roofing for summer heat in Pleasanton, CA.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Roof Color for Summer?

What is the Most Energy Efficient Roof Color for Summer?

Are you already looking to find ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency for the summer? There are many ways in which you can cut down on AC costs and keep your home cool: insulating your windows, opening up in the evening to let the cool breeze in, etc. But have you thought about your roof? If you’re overdue for a new roof, then make sure to think about energy efficiency when making your decision. It’s not only the roofing material that comes into play, but even the roof color has an impact on your home’s temperature. But what is the most energy efficient roof color for summer?

Light Roofs

light roofing color installed by element roofing in Pleasanton, CA. Light roofs are great for hotter climates because lighter colors on the spectrum will reflect heat rather than absorb it. This means that in the summer, your indoor air temperature will stay cooler when compared to a similar home in the same climate with a darker roof.

The residual benefits of a light colored roof in summer are that your AC will also have to work less hard, which will cut down on your utility bills and also prolong the life of your AC.

Dark Roofs

Dark roofs are great at absorbing heat, which is super handy if you live in a cold winter climate and your primary goal is to keep heat IN during the colder months of the year. If keeping heat out is your game, however, a dark roof color will work against you. A dark roof can reach temperatures much higher than the outdoor air temperature – sometimes as high as 175 degrees. This isn’t just bad for the temperature in your home, but your roof is also releasing that heat out into the environment.

Other Energy Efficient Roofing Options

Many cities and states have started promoting “cool roofs.” What exactly are cool roofs? Essentially, it is a light colored roof that also has the ability to reflect much of the heat that comes at it. The cool roof effectively transfers less heat into the home and also cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a double win, really.

The Most Energy Efficient Roof Color

The final answer? Light roofs are the most energy efficient roof color for summer, but remember that it’s not just roof color that comes into play here. Other factors such as roofing material, insulation, and the integrity and age of the roof all come into play.