Roof with Annual Roof Maintenance package keeping it in good shape

Why An Annual Roof Maintenance Service Package Is A Good Idea

Why An Annual Roof Maintenance Service Package Is A Good Idea

Commercial and residential roofs can benefit from annual maintenance service packages. If you’ve currently gone a few years without your roof needing repair, you might wonder why you would want a roofing professional to come to take a peek at your roof once a year.

There are many long-term benefits of an annual roof maintenance package. You avoid emergencies, get a longer life from your roof, and develop a strong relationship with a roofer you can trust.

Catch Problems Early to Reduce Damage

Roofs may develop problems long before you notice them, especially in California. While you wait for the damage to get severe enough to be noticeable, you’ll lose money and cause damage to the interior of your home or building. For homeowners, the cost of unnoticed roof damage can be huge:

  • Increased energy bills: it’s much less efficient to cool a home with a hole in the roof, no matter how small it is.
  • Water damage: A small leak will intrude on your attic before it reaches the rest of your home. You may not even notice water damage on your ceilings and walls until it has stained them. This excess moisture will increase the likelihood of the wood framing in your house to rot, potentially causing structural damage.
  • Air quality: If your air quality seems to have been steadily getting worse for some time, an unnoticed leak may be the culprit. The leak allows moisture into the home, which jump starts mold growth and encourages bacteria. Those with breathing issues, from asthma and allergies to COPD, will feel worse in poor air quality.

GAF roof installation on a home

Commercial roofs are just as prone to leaks, perhaps more as they usually have a greater surface area. If a leak develops and goes unnoticed in your commercial roof, you’ll see the same result that homeowners suffer, and a few more:

  • Roof insulation: The water will spread through your insulation before it enters the rest of your building. Soaked insulation is ruined, and will need to be replaced. If you can catch a leak early, you can limit how much insulation you need to replace.
  • Customer satisfaction: Small roofs leaks can still damage inventory, intrude on apartments, or ruin air quality for building occupants. Not only will you need to repair your roof, but you may lose business as a result of a roof leak.


Ultimately, the solution for both homeowners and those who own commercial roofs is to have a professional find these small problems before they can impact your roof and the rest of your building. A residential roof maintenance plan or a commercial roof maintenance plan is the most efficient way to get regular check-ups for your roof.

Of course, taking care of these small problems will also benefit the roof over time. Less damage is done to the roof, so it will serve you longer. In the end, getting a few extra years, even a decade, out of your roof will save you significant money.

Avoid Emergencies

If you’ve ever had a roof emergency, you know how nerve wracking it can be to try to contact a roofing company last minute and have them rush out before the damage can get more serious. Roof emergencies can cause serious water damage to your home or building, expose your belongings or inventory to the elements, and interrupt your life.

How can an annual maintenance plan help you avoid emergencies? It’s simple. Catching and fixing the small issues that crop up every year will keep them from turning into major problems. Plus, if your roof’s original installer, or even the manufacturer, made a mistake, an annual roof check-up will find it out before it has a chance to become a disaster.

Predict Your Roof Needs

When will you need a new roof? If you’ve never had your roof maintained, you may have no idea what condition it is in, or when it will need to be replaced. A roof replacement is a big investment, both for homeowners and those who own commercial roofs. If your roofing professional gives you forewarning about when that will be, you can plan appropriately. This will help to ensure you’re not going into debt just to put a new roof over your head.

Besides, at some point, it’s no longer cost-effective to maintain your roof and fix all of the little issues that crop up. If you have roofing professionals fix your roof just when you see problems, they may not tell you that it’s in your best interests to replace the roof now, instead of paying them to do a quick repair job. Annual roof maintenance will keep you well aware of any issues big and small. As they may be developing with your roof instead of after.

Roofer installing a title 24 roofGet A Roofer’s Commitment

Some roofing professionals are less committed to doing a thorough job than others. However, if you partner with a roofing company for the long-term, you develop a relationship. The fewer problems your roof develops, the more money they’ll save.

Here at Element Roofing, we don’t cut corners. You can expect us to give your roof the time and work it needs to keep it free from damage. As well as working properly for as long as possible. Plus, if you ever do have a roofing emergency, we’ll be there.

What About My Warranty?

Don’t rely on your warranty to cover you if your roof develops a problem from neglect. Warranties from manufacturers don’t cover everything. If you fail to maintain your roof appropriately, you can actually void your warranty. With an annual roof maintenance service package you can rest assured your roof will be in great shape.

Get an Annual Roof Maintenance Plan from Element Roofing

You don’t know when your roof needs work. And you don’t have to try to learn all of the details of proper roof care. That’s what we’re here for. Contact us to discover what an annual roof maintenance plan investment includes. Element Roofing is the Bay Area’s professional roofer in Concord, roofer in Fremont, and the rest of the Bay Area.